Weird Translation


I’m not sure if this is the right forum, so if it isn’t please direct me to the right place.

I’m using GL4Java and trying to translate a sphere with a texture wrapped on it by calling gl.glTranslatef(x, y, z). The sphere is translating, however it is also every so slightly rotating. I took out all the rotation code and the sphere is at 0,0,0 so I can’t figure out why this would happen. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

It really shouldn’t be rotating if you’re only using a translation on it.

Might it be an optical effect due to being displayed in a different position in a perspective/frustum view? Change your viewing transformation to a orthogonal view and see if the rotate still happens.

Does it appear to rotate only once, as part of the translate, or does your translated sphere rotate in position over time?