Weird problems (shaking, no rasterization)

I really didnt want to post these idiotic probelms Im having, but Im wondering if its widespread.

So I create a window (not using glut), I use wglUseFontOutlines, wglUseFontBitmaps. I render some text with it, I render some GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP in immediate mode, I also render some stuff with glDrawPixels and on occasion I use glReadPixels.

When I move my window, everything made of primitives shakes (as if they dont know the window moved so they get left behind), but everything drawn with glDrawPixels stays where they are suppose too.

The solution was to render a TRIANGLE_STRIP just before SwapBuffers. Unfortunatly, its happenening again.

Sometimes, everything made of primitives dont render, but wglUseFontBitmap stuff and glDrawPixels do render.

These problems are happening with GDI generic and with nvidia 29.__

I decided to drop the wglUseFontxxxx functions. It will take some time to retool my text class.

Could it be that wglUseFontxxxxxx is corrupting something???


Maybe the trick is to set the viewport on WM_MOVE (or whatever they’re called …) messages.

1)Try it with glut. If the problem goes away, it’s most likely window management. Proceed to …
2) Lesson 1 . No insult intended. Just rip his message handler and see if the problem goes away

That lessen doesnt use WM_MOVE, but I’ll plug it in after Im done fixing a few things.

I never used WM_MOVE, only WM_SIZE to repaint scene as the user moves his mouse. Everyone does that one.

WM_MOVE is the message sent after the window moves (after each pixel move I guess)
Do you realy think glViewport wil work and why would it work?

Never happened to me before execpt that this time, the heigth of my window exceeds my desktop height.

PS: Not insulted. Just that this is crap! I hate problems like this.