Weird problem with GLFW/NetBeans

Im using NetBeans7.2 under Windows7. When creating the GL window you have to set the “window style” parameter. When I used Netbeans 6.9(under WinXP) I used to set it to WS_POPUP and it worked fine. In the 7.2(under Win7) when the debugger breaks, the GL window wont lose focus …I have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, …and even then the resolution wont change back to desktop resolution.

My solution was to use WS_POPUPWINDOW instead of WS_POPUP. …that solved the problem.
I started to use GLFW and I had the same problem. Ive found WS_POPUP in the GLFW code, …changed it to WS_POPUPWINDOW, …recompiled it, etc. …but Its still the same.

Help would be really appreciated! Thanks