Weird problem, is it the Matrox drivers?

I don’t have this problem on nVidia cards or Voodoo3, but on a G450, it seems that the last face I draw (whether it be via GL_QUADS, GL_TRIANGLES, or what have you) has some weird flickering artifact that looks alot like some kind of Z-fighting - but it’s not 'cause I have depth testing disabled. If I draw the last face twice, the problem goes away (probably because the second-to last draw is successful so any gap in a repeat of that same face would not be noticable). I can even get rid of the problem by drawing a “scape goat” poly after the last poly I really need. I can just draw a really small or invisible poly and that’ll fix it.

Anyway, I cannot figure out why there’s always a weird flickering gap in the last face drawn. What’s really weird is that I cannot even take a screenshot of it! When I take a screenshot, it always comes out fine. It’s like a ghost or a vampire or something!

Has anyone else encountered a weird problem like this either on a Matrox card or any other kind of card?

Seems like a serious driver issue. Never had anything like that happen to me (never used any Matrox cards).

You should make a minimum demo app (preferably using GLUT) and send it to Matrox. Maybe they’ll fix it if they get a solid test case.