Weighing Machine in OpenGL

I am a new user to this forum; and have found it whilst attempting to solution of ‘Weighing Machine in OpenGL’. I do not have an initial working knowledge of the same, but one of my mate requires it for her academic project. She did not found the same via Google, neither could I, how do we code a ‘Weighing Maching’ in OpenGL, are their any available source code for the same. The project has to be delivered 2 days from now. I would apretiate any help that we could get.


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Thank you community!

Requirements are not clear. Do you want to implement the needle and stuff. if that is the case then you must get it designed by some graphics designer before you implement it in opengl. You will need these graphics as texture for needle and dial. You will also need 3D meshes of dial and needle .Graphics designers use 3D design tools like blender and Maya for that

Note: Certain Intel® HD Graphics Cards do not meet the minimum system requirements for video cards.

1280×800 Minimum Resolution
256 MB dedicated video RAM
Full OpenGL 2 compatibility
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it should hve needle context as well as a preview board wer it cn display the digits…
its all dependent on mouse interface…