Weather effects...

Does anyone have any ideas how to implement rain/snow or lightning effects?? i was thinking maybe a simple jagged line coming down from teh sky for the lightning but that would look dodgy… so anyone have any ideas? thanks

you should try using textured particles.
it looks great!

hi, i’ve done an snow-effect for my engine yesterday… it’s very easy…

only do an struct with x,y,z,life and speed value (the struct as array)

then generate for every struct element an value! f.e.:

snow[x].y = rand()%1000 + 200;

your snow particle will have an minimum height of 200 and maximum of 1200!

this you can do for your x and z- range too!

then only render this on a plain and let it look into your direction!

good luck! (i will post my new demo today, please look!)

You can do simple lightning with particles… you select start and end point of bolt and then add particles recurslivy between them based on their position/distance and some(small) random factor