We NEED a new GL D/L for WIN XP!!

We really need GL compliant for XP, I know some of you claim it works for XP, but, I wanna see proof that it can work perfectly. Thank you for your time.

Maybe you should ask how to properly set up an XP system for OpenGL in the proper forum. That would be the “User Hardware, Software, & Gaming Help” forum, not this one.

Many people have gotten OpenGL to work on XP. For most of them, from what I can tell, it wasn’t a big deal.

ok, i know i shouldnt be contributing to an offtopic thread, but something has been bothering me. there are forums for linux, mac, and embedded systems, but not windows, even thogh more people here probably use windows than those three combined (just a guess, and it would be nice if i was wrong…).

since i dont use windows, it would be nice if there was a windows forums where people could go when they have problems with windows specific things (wgl, linking errors, etc) this way, its easier to read through the forums looking for information, or helping people out, since windows specific stuff doesnt matter to me (i cant really help anybody with it, and there isnt much need for me to know how to use any of it).

i did send an email to the topic suggestion email address a couple of months ago, but im assuming a lot of people have to request something like this, so i thought id see what other people think…

SpiralMan - I agree, and posted the same suggestion on Advanced a while back, but didn’t get any response.

quite frankly, it’s VERY ANNOYING to find that OpenGL is not supported by XP at the moment. Especially when a gamer like me is very keen on tryin out Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Surely, it cannot be that complicated to sort this out.

Please stop this “discussion”.

OpenGL is supported on XP. It’s neither OpenGL’s fault nor XP’s fault if your gfx card manufacter has no drivers for XP. This is absolutely the wrong place to wail about it.