wave effect

how to do the wave effect like in crash bandicoot fall on the ground ? There s a concentric wave coming from the center ?

Are you sure that Crash Bandicoot is rendered using OpenGL?

i know they not use OpenGL for this game,
i just would like if someone know how it is possible to do with opengl or without : what the tip or the physical effect that they use to do it…

Well, last time I checked, I couldn’t do any physical effects with OpenGL…
Sound rendering doesn’t work either, hmm, someone should really fix that.

As for the effect, sorry, I can’t help you with it because I’ve never played CB since I don’t have a PSX or PS2 (I’m a NGC-hippie)

Have you already tried asking this at a more general forum/site like www.gamedev.net ?

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Oh, burned.