Can anyone let me know this program is using particle system or not. Thanks :slight_smile:

No, it doesn’t use particle systems.
But you already have source code.

Ya, i have code already… It really did not use particle system?? i think it’s using particle…

If you have the source code, and you “think” it uses some kind of particle system, why are you asking the question? :slight_smile:

Can you point out the line in the source you think a particle system is used?

i “think” it uses particle system because of my teacher told me before and i am not sure. That’s why i am asking here… Thanks in advanced~ :slight_smile:

If your teacher gave you the task, than you have to solve it on your own. :wink:
The first step is to understand what the particle systems are.
In that code you have just a deformed quad-based surface.
Can it be a particle system? (Of course PS usually have quad-based emitters, but also have particles.)

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