wanted: up to date OpenGL reference pages

I’m really looking forward to being able to use the reference pages for OpenGL 3.x / OpenGL 4.x. However the link in the main menu is dead since the introduction of OpenGL 3.2 about 9 months ago. With the introduction of OpenGL 4 the text of the link changed, but still no reference pages.

It would be great if we could have up to date reference pages for OpenGL 3.3/4.0 (and its successors).

Agree completely.


+1 too

We are aware of this. Until they are updated, you can get some information from the OpenGL Quick Reference Card linked from the opengl.org homepage.

(with my ARB hat on)

btw is there a legal reason there is no “offline” download, but one has to generate it oneself from sources?

for offline use it would be nice and more user friendly if there was a downloadable version, or is there another issue that prevents “easy” redistribution?

Great work on putting the updated reference pages online! I will certainly make a lot of use of these!

I’ve noticed a slight issue with a couple of the pages. Some of the glTexImage{1,2,3}D pages don’t have the correct list of internalFormats.