Wanted : Physic Engine

by the way… If we are programming in OpenGl, it is to make some 3D…

So I have a project ( for a 3D game ) and I wish to implement a real good physic. I am a little advanced in this domain but I wonder there is some people here who may have some information ?

my own physic page is at http://www.multimania.com/screamers/physique and the game in construction related to this is at http://www.multimania.com/screamers/iv2

Since I’m about to start a racing game type thing I’ve collected lots of good links both for rigid body dynamics and particle/soft body stuff( for a cloth sim I’m writing).If you haven’t already check out the stuff by David Baraff and Andrew Witkin, that’s an excellent guide to physically based modelling. No finished engine, but good stuff nonetheless. The URL is:

Chris Heckers tutorials are also good for rigid body dynamics and they’re at:

They also contain some source.
Jeff Darwins site darwin3d.com is also worth a visit it has info on tribology and particle dynamics among other things.


Thank you !

I will all this stuff.
I am very happy to have an answer to this question. I thought it would be another bottle in the see…