WANTED: OpenGL 2D plotting toolkit

Currently I’m developing a scientific application, which is written in C++ for Windows.
I’ve already implemented 3D visualization using OpenGL, and everything work fine.
The next step is 2D plotting of output data.

The problem: I’m looking for an OpenGL 2D plotting library for several months
without any result. There are thousands of plotting libraries using Windows GDI,
Windows GDI+, .NET, GTK and everything you can imagine. And what about OpenGL?

Could anybody help me? A name of any freeware\opensource OpenGL
2D plotting library would be very helpful to me.

You tried http://www.vtk.org/ ?
I guess they do have 2D plotting too.

Well, VTK is a good option. Thank you. I’ve found several 2D plotting libraries based on VTK, but they are written in Python :frowning: Could anybody help with C++ VTK 2D plotting example? ^)