Walking along terrain

I am having a problem finding information on moving ON a terrain. I can make the land, load the object, display the object and move it but I dont know how to make it move nicely up and down hills and what not. <–big run-on huh? please help

Move the viewpoint around as usual, and change the Y-coordinate (or whatever axis is up) to match the height in the terrain at the given position. Add an offset if you don’t want to crawl on the ground.

I thought about that. but what if my object is in the middle of a triangle, how would I get the height? An average of the three verts would make the movement choppy. Is there someother way? knowing my luck the answer is simple and I am overlooking it. Thanks

The triangle and its normal defines a plane. Sinply plug your two known coordinate components into the appropriate plane equation to solve for the height.

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Thanks for everyones help; I got it working.