Vulkan.pas - Vulkan Header for Delphi and FreePascal

Hey Guys,

i want to show you my latest project: vulkan.pas
vulkan.pas is a implementation of the official vulkan headers for Delphi and FreePascal. It contains a generator to be able to generate a new version of the header from the official vulkan.xml and some small examples how to use it with Delphi/FPC.
Besides i have implemented a small class library to use the vulkan header in a object oriented way. I lovingly call it “VulkanUtils”. If you are interested in writing vulkan applications with Delphi or FreePascal you can have a look at my work. You can find corresponding links at the end of this post. About some feedback to the project I would be delighted.

edit: because i’m new to this forum i’m not allowed to post links to the projects source code. So if you are interested in my project send me a PN or eMail

Greetings Bergmann89


Yes, Thanks :slight_smile: