Vulkan has three mascots

I just wanted to poiint out that the logo has three separate mascots. I’m sure there’s some obscure historical reason for each one, but it would be better to just have one. A dragon seems appropriate. The bunny and the TMNT extra throwing a trashcan, not so much. :smile:

There are four five. You forgot the Utah teapot, and the Industry Forge Hammer.
And it’s not a turtle, it’s buff dillo! :smiley:

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Oh, I get it, he is holding the hammer in his left hand.

The dragon looks completely different from the other characters. It doesn’t fit well together at all.

BuffaDillo :smiley: That does sound like a nice kind of pet

Right. :smiley:

Well there has to be something for contrast. He’s kinda the whole background.
Bunny is shaded differently though for some reason; flat red as the text.

You got it wrong. When buff dillos with superior 4-finger hands take over, you are the pet.

I’m pondering who I’d rather be a pet of: buff dillo og the Utah teapot :thinking:

Hoping all 5 will come to the vulkanised event in UK