Vulkan games such as doom eternal and R6 not loading

i used to be able to launch and play both of these games perfectly fine but then one day i load doom and i got the loading i got into doom itself and when the game started before it showed me the bethesda logo i just got stuck at a black screen then it would crash

with r6 i used to load it fine and now when i load it vulkan (which i prefer) i get the lil’ popout saying its loading i get to optimizing shaders 63% then it closes itself, im not sure if this post should be here but most other games do the same,
such as doom (2016) and this happens to that one too
**this is my first post i read the guidlines and sorry if i got anything wrong but im sure im half right on this one **
its quite annoying seeming doom(s) and R6 are my two favourites as of now and neither of them load properly

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