Vulkan games/apps running terribly

As I’ve experienced, on my GTX 1650 games using Vulkan API (e.g Detroit: Become Human, Red Dead Redemption 2) have atrocious performance, and oftentimes cause BSoD as well. Any ideas or solutions?

That’s unfortunate.

Just the usual. Get latest drivers from Disable overclocks. Make sure there are more chips on your card than dust. Direct questions to appropriate vendors, and not internet randos that have no way to help.

Tried Detroit, and it still feels pretty janky after all the time.

It seems the game is frequently stuck in some busywaiting loop blocking CPU. Perhaps even silent crashing something, as there seem to be bug reporter running in the background sometimes.

Switching to Layered on DXGI presentation method in NVIDIA control panels seemed to have “fixed” it for me.

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