VS 2017 gives error (“There are too many errors for IntelliSense..”) for #include

I recently got the OpenGL Superbible 7th edition to start learning OpenGL. I built everything and got all the required files without any problems.
When I start writing the first example program in Visual Studio 15 2017, I add the include file as it is in the example:

#include “…/…/include/sb7.h”

But as soon as I finish typing that I get a red line on the top left corner and when I hover my mouse pointer on it, it says:

“There are too many errors for the IntelliSense engine to function properly, some of which may not be visible in the editor”

I don’t understand how there can be “Too many errors” when all I’ve written is an include file.
How do I fix this?

Without more info, we may not be able to say, you may want to consider posting this on a Visual Studio 2017 forum… it could even be a bug that needs to be reported.

The only real problem that I’ve had with include files (And they can be fun…) is the file structure, or location of the file, not being able to find the files that it (the include file) references.



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In my experience, MSVS Intellisense is garbage and with large code bases causes more problems than it solves. I recommend disabling it. If you need something that works, use VisualAssist.