Volumetric fog

I have now with great interest read different ideas of how to make Volumetric fog, but…… I can’t find any ideas/explanations on several fog volumes in the same rum. My exact problem is to, without use of voxels, to simulate several (1000 at least) volumes with different density. I need to run an edge-detecting algorithm afterwards. I tried to simulate the volume density by using transparency but this leads to the problem of visual edges of the second layer, or more correctly the edge between the first layer and the second layer of elements. Can any one out there give me a hint of how to solve this “small” problem.

Radomir Mech. Hardware-Accelerated Real-Time Rendering of Gaseous Phenomena. Journal of Graphics Tools, 6(3):1–16,2001.

You can order back issues here: http://www.acm.org/jgt/subscription.html#SINGLE

i think the method described in this paper will help you a bit: http://developer.nvidia.com/docs/io/4000/D3DTutorial_EffectsNV.pdf

this is also nice:
http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20011003/boyd_01.htm http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article677.asp http://www.nothings.org/computer/vfog/ http://www.gdconf.com/archives/2001/baeza/JCAB.html

there are also lot of therads about cloud rendering in this forum with lots of usefull links (1-3 weeks ago was the laso one, as far i remember). there are many suggestions how to solve the blending-precision problem.(just search this forum)

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