voice chat support in opengl?

does openGl have the ability to create a voice chat server/client?

cause i currently use dx8.1 but i like opengl better;

You don’t know what OpenGL is do you?

OpenGL ONLY draws 3D graphics. Nothing more, nothing less.


This is hardly an advanced topic.

The G in OpenGL is “Graphics.”

OpenGL is STRICTLY a graphics library. It has no support for sound, nor network support.

Ha Ha So funny!

As stated above, OpenGL will only get you graphics. Fonts can come from GLUT, or other system referencing library, sound from OpenAL (I believe is it’s name – I don’t use it), your keyboard and mouse detection again cannot come from OpenGL, but rather from GLUT to access system information. Audio is not portable, nor is fonts, nor keyboard and mouse, not even windowing. Everything outside of 3D graphics has to come from another library or host specific service.

glSoundInput( GL_MICROPHONE, 1.0 );
glSoundCodec( GL_MICROPHONE, GL_2400_BIT );
hostAddr = gethostbyname( “destination.com” );
glNetworkDestination( GL_ENDPOINT0, hostAddr->h_addr, yourPort );
glEnable( GL_ENDPOINT0 );
glEnable( GL_VOICE );

You can do this voice chat, but only for DEAF people. Give them some text and graphics and argue them that the sound is going too