For those that hadn’t seen it, just wanted to give a heads-up to this awesome new Vulkan extension:

For details, see the blog post below, and the Problem Statement and Proposal sections in the link above.

It’s rather unclear how, or if, this extension interacts with render passes.

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Strange extension, I have no any reason to use it. Direct3D12/Metal does’t allow setup Shaders separetly, only set PSO

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Why does this extension not support render pass but support dynamic rendering? Maybe they will release an extension that will support render pass in the future but that would only fragment the already fragmented mobile ecosystem.

Render passes, at their core, are about specifying what you’re doing up-front, so that the driver knows what you’re doing, and what you’re not doing, at all times. This shader object extension is all about not specifying everything up up-front, forcing the driver to adapt dynamically to the user’s requests.

These are tools that don’t really make sense together.

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