Visualisations and Blending

Hi there,
Just to begin, this is my first post here ( hello ), and I’m relatively new to OpenGL, so take it easy!

I’m building a visualisation creation tool for my end of year university project using Processing, which is a java-based IDE that uses a version of jogl for OpenGL based graphics. I’m attempting to create something as similar to most visualisation tools on the market today ( Winamp’s AVS / Milkdrop / Giess ) that sort of thing.

I’ve worked out a few things so far, additive blending for one, however there are a few other things I’d like to attempt to get in there to make it as pretty as possible. ( so if anyone has any suggestions on improving the graphical style, I’m all ears! )

Take Milkdrop for Example :
Now that is a screenshot taken from milkdrop ( which I believe is directX based ). I was wondering what the best method would be in order to get that “blurring/blending” effect used there. I mean, it appears like it’s a saved image that is being distorted, but I’m not sure exactly how that effect could be achieved.

Essentially I’d also love to add a motion blur effect too, however the best way I’ve found to do it ( accum buffer ) only works on my desktop computer, and I doubt it works on any of the computers at uni.

Sorry if this post is a little vague! It’s late and my brain isn’t functioning all too well! Basically a push in the right direction would be fantastic!


  • Anthony.

You can get distortion effects by doing render-to-texture on the original image, and then doing whatever to it for your final render.

You’ll probably have to get fragment shaders involved…it would probably be much harder to achieve using the fixed-function pipeline.