Visual Studio .NET (VC7) and OpenGL

I just installed Visual Studio .NET and I am unable to find the necessary OpenGL header files in order to compile my work. If anyone knows a location of all the headers and libraries, your help would be much appreciated.

Dustin Burda

Maybe you should look at our Install Directory\VC98\Include\GL. That’s the Dir of Visual C++ 6.0 perhaps it’s the same on .NET.

Greetz ByteZero

Unless the installation is broken the OpenGL headers and libraries should be accessible without any further actions.

These are the only files I have in the gl folder(…Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Vc7\PlatformSDK\Include\gl):


thats it

in the lib I have OpenGL32.lib

Unfortunately I lost my copy of VC6 and so If you can think of any other files I would need if u could zip em and mail em to me it would be great:

P.S. - I dont think its my copy of VS.NET. I have the Enterprise Architect ( 7 CD Version ) of it.

Dustin Burda

You should also have glu32.lib and glaux.lib (but who still uses that?). The only thing you might be lacking is glut. Which is easily retrieved from When you try to compile a gl program, exactly what error is it giving you? It should plainly indicate what header and/or lib it can’t find.