Visual Studio Isn't offering Vulkan SDK Templates

I posted this in MSDN’s C++ forum. Because it mentioned Vulkan it was moved to off topic. It seems on topic for a Visual Studio C++ forum to me.

I’d appreciate any suggestions.


Developing on Windows 10, C++, Win32.

I’d like to learn to use the Vulkan graphics library.

Templates have always been just something to select when I start building a new project. I don’t know much about them.

Vulkan has it’s own set, and I’ve extracted them to the recommended location:


My first post to this forum. Can we post images?

If not, this is would be a screen shot of the directory I extracted the Vulkan SDK templates to.

C:\Users\larryl\Documents\Visual Studio 2019\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C++ Project

And it’s contents, VulkanCppProgram and four more.


When I open a new project, I’m offered the choice of templates I’m accustom to, but I’m not seeing these Vulkan templates.

How do I add these to the list of templates for a new project?




Does it? I wasn’t aware that there were Visual Studio templates for Vulkan applications. Who is maintaining them?

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Thanks Alfonse:

I appreciate the quick reply to my question. An active and supportive community is important to me. I’m an idiot with unfamiliar tech.

These templates are referenced in Lunar G’s SDK documentation:

Installing the template is described toward the bottom of the page in the section entitled Create a New Visual Studio Project.

I have no idea if these are important in the builds.

I went through Joey De Vries excellent OpenGL tutorial without downloading any templates for the library. I did need to put some work to install and access some of the supporting libraries.

It looks like these templates might make building apps a bit easier. I’m just following the instructions as I install the SDK.

Thanks again

I just tried and it works for me.

You just copy the non-extracted zips to the specified directory and the templates just appear in the “Create a new project” if I search for “Vulkan”.

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Thanks krOoze:

There they are.

I didn’t realize I’d need to search for Vulkan. I was expecting that any templates in a directory designated for holding templates would be listed by default.

Did I mention I’m an idiot with new tech?

I appreciate your taking the time to help.


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