Vista ICDs

I’m not understanding something here about Vista and OpenGL. It reads this…

"However, the OpenGL ICD drivers must still be downloaded and will not ship on the Windows Vista installation disc. Khronos said that NVIDIA already has a beta 2 ICD OpenGL driver available and ATI will release its own soon. If no ICD is present, Windows Vista will rely on the layered OpenGL mode by default and only offer basic functionality. "


What if I buy a video card at a store and install it. I wouldn’t need to still download an ICD driver off the web. Am I right? And wouldn’t that mean even the machine Vista is on (at a store, for example) should have that video card’s ICD already installed? I don’t care about Vista’s installation disks. That’s not the video card installer disk. I’m thinking we’ll have native support directly if the video manufactures are ready. I’m guessing if it’s not installed, the user gets to use the software implementation. Thoughts are welcomed.

I understand it so: this is exacly what we have now. When you plug a new card in, it works perfectly with windows (though you may not get hardware accelerated 3d). If you need lasest OpenGL (and DirectX) functionality, you need to download the driver and install it manually.

So, we just put a message on our software and say “be sure to download the latest drivers?” I guess that isn’t a big deal.

>> “be sure to download the latest drivers?”

The same way as it is now, as I already said :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks :slight_smile: