Vincent not working on wince device with goforce5500


Which lib can I use for the goforce5500 GPU, as vincent isnt compatible, please help me out


Vincent isnt working or it is working but dont use the goforce?

I think Vincent do a software rendering, not using the goforce but im not sure. Lets wait HMWill or other member of the forum to answer.

sorry for my half question, vincent itself is wokring with the supplied libGLES_CM in the package. But vincent is not comp with the goforce HW in my device. While rasteriod is comp with the goforce?

You will need to ask NVidia for driver support.

  • HM

lol, i know but they don’t reply permanent, thats why i want to use rasteroid

Well, Rasteroid is NVidia, too, these days.

  • HM

yup I also that, but I thought maybe somebody here are the latest version 3.1? availeble, this really sucks, I bought a phone for 500 euro and nothing that supports the chip, Even my simple coded games can’t use opengl es, well Iphone seems a much better platform with support

I have an MSM7200 chipset phone that previously didn’t have opengl es support either. Just recently, a group developed drivers to make use of the hw acceleration. My questiont to you is:

  1. do you have libgles_cm.dll in your windows directory?
  2. do you have libgles_cl.dll in your windows directory?

If your device has either file ( and you didn’t overwrite them w/ the vincent dll… ), then you can make use of Vincent to write apps for your device.

Just start from the bottom up… see if the most basic opengl stuff works… like egldisplay, eglcontext, eglsurface, etc…

ie, like for my phone, I had to do 5,6,5 for rgb to get a valid config while 8,8,8 gave me no valid configs.

  1. I have a libGLES_CM and libEGL in my windows folder, I also have multiple games supporting the goforce5500 chip ( cod2, q3ce, siege, trailblaizer ) I used made some of vincents tutorials in IE, but it runs so slow on software…)

I will test the RGB settings

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