Viewing Problem!

I am rending a large road map for a racing game.
Rendering is done successfully but while i am moving on the road…it become invisible after a point means the road is visible from a particular angles only, i don’t know the reason behind it. Please Help!!!

We’re probably going to need more information before we can help you with this one. Tell us more about the way you are drawing it…is this ES 1.0 or 2.0? If 2.0, what do the shaders do? If 1.0, what rendering modes do you have turned on?

Thanks for the reply… but i got the solution… i am using ES 1.0 and that problem is due to backface culling, i am using large geometry due to which the problem occurs.


I was trying to fix a similar problem with a project I am working on. Your last post just gave me an idea on how to fix it and Yes it did work. Oh man you have no idea how many hours I spent on looking for the solution.

Thank you for your indirect help :wink:

thanks so much. recently, when I am playing game, I also faced the same problem. now i know how to deal with it, thanks so much

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