Video playback with SDL, and Open GL

I am starting on a project for myself this summer and I have just learned sdl during the school year and I just started picking up Open GL. I want to make a media player that can open up video files and then play them back. I need some real help with this for I have no idea where to start. I would like to be able to first play mpeg and divx files and then eventually add more formats.

Anyone that would know of a tutorial or a good book to get for this project all help is truely appreciated. I alreay own the Open GL Programming Guide red book and it is a great start but still no help for what I am looking for


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Well to start off you can use Loki’s SMPEG library to do your mpeg loading… I don’t know much about the other formats…

thanks for the help.

they have a tutorial on playing an avi file on a textured cube. it could help.