Video Cards and AGP slots

My system is a bit sluggish these days (3 year old 400MHz) and I was in the market of buying a better PC with a better video card. But right now I do not have the budget for a soupped up PC and video card.

I was wondering if I could go out and buy a better video card… GeForce3 or something like that… but the box says it has a 4xAGP bus … will that work on the older systems that they just started making an AGP slot on the mother board as well.

I just want to know if it will work and how bad will it be until I aquire enough $$ to buy the mother board, CPU, …

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance for not posting any more OT questions.

any agp card will work in any agp slot, although ur old agp slot might be a bit slower.

If you plan on using a geforce 3 or 4 then your AGP needs to be AGP 2.0 or higher. That is a minimum requirement that is listed on the box.


Thanks for all of your responses. I will have to check my AGP slot on the mother board documentation… hopefully it does say it is 2xAGP. All I know, I got the motherboard when I just found out that there was a dedicated AGP slot for the graphics card. It may be 1 or 2 I am not sure at this time.

Sorry, if the topic was OT. I figured that it was a litte more related to open GL than say questions pertaining to C or C++, but not much more.

I am a little brainwashed about the defination of “Advanced”. At the college that I used to attend, they had an advanced computer lab that was so advanced that it did not have any computers in the room.

I wouldn’t pay attention to the word “Advanced” too much.
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You post may fit more in the “End-User forum” by its nature, rather than Coding fourm. Of course, you can always argue you cannot code properly without a graphics card. Also, you may feel more comfortable with the people hang out in this forum, which I absolutely understand.

Originally posted by iNsaNEiVaN:
any agp card will work in any agp slot, although ur old agp slot might be a bit slower.

Nope. There is AGP Pro which has an extension for extra power. There is also the fact the first AGP motherboards did not provide sufficient power on the data pins so putting a modern card will give you a few beeps and no display. It is the AGP speed that doesnt matter because of backwards compatibilty!

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