Video Card trouble

I am having troubl with my video card under Windows98. It works good under 2000 and XP but for some reason not in 98.

The program was written in Delphi and this is what is going on:

I have a number of panels with openGL on them, controled by both the user and the program. These components are messed up and drawing on the same panel under 98. that is 5 drawings on top of eachother on 1 panel.

This does not happen on other operating systems or with other cards. Please help.

Hi !

Some more information might help a bit ?, are you using MFC, SDL, GLUT, Win32, or what ever for the stuff you are doing, where is the problem, is it in the OpenGL code or in the windowing code ?


well, I am simply using delphi versions of gl.h and glu.h. Nothing fancy. What I have done is create a panel component which creates a rendering context for OGL using the wglCreateContext and everything that goes with it. I then use a number of those panels to draw my interface, 2 LEDs, 2 sliders, a compass and a representation of a hydrophone.

I don’t use any extensions or anything like that, so I’m not sure if it is using the opengl32.dll from windows or if it is using stuff on the video card.

THere is no MFC, COM, direct API calls or anything like that.

The card is a Matrox G450 and everything is fine on every operating system other than win98 (haven’t tested linux or mac - they won’t be supported)