Video Card / Driver Compatibility Issues

Just looking for advice re:testing OpenGL applications. We’ve found that our application is causing systems that utilise ATI cards to crash … 2K and NT systems survive the experience 95 and 98 don’t !
We’re having problems locating the culprit as we don’t have local access to an ATI system and debugging is becoming more than a little arduous.

Has anyone got any advice ? Everyone who produces OpenGL applications must have to go through this phase of development and I expect there to be a list of do’s and dont’s to limit the scale of such compatibility problems. Is there ? Yes, there’s the obvious stuff about testing for various extensions but, for example, we accidentally coded glBindTexture after glBegin and while it worked without problem on GeForce all other cards crashed !



The only advice I know of to avoid compatibility problems is to use the more common functions used by ID software in their games.
If you have found a bug so try to make a simple app that shows the undesired effect. Send this test app to the manufacturer.