Very stupid question, how to setup a working space

I’m totally new at this of opengl, i usually use a alreadymade engine, but for my work they’re asking me for Windows Mobile/Open GL development.

I’m not too much into windows, but hey, that’s my job.

So i want to make it clear, i really need a guidance (if somebody knows of a tutorial that ACTUALLY WORKS!, that will be the best thing) of setting up my workspace. I’ve already downloaded eMVC 4.0, SmartPhone SDK 2003, and Vincent/Glu libraries (BTW they talk of 2003 applications, it has been 7 years, is like WindowsXP to WindowsSeven, i’m pretty sure that something better has to be there nowadays, please if somebody knows).

Following some tutorials, it only keeps giving me errors, i think that the support in the forums that i looked is like from 4-6 years ago (ZEUZ tutorial, that in fact they look great, if you can survive the horrors of the Errors), and now i was reading into this forum and learned that GLUES != OpenGL ES, so o_O, i wasted my entire weekend studying something that wasnt what i needed.

Please could be someone so kind, of giving me a guide of what should i do for make my first OpenGL ES in Windows Mobile that actually works, or at least that doesn’t throw errors.

Or at least try to guide me, i’m not very good programming at Windows enviroment, but i’ll do my best for sure.

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