very SLOW accumulation buffer

An example of jittering using accumulation buffer [from OpenGL PG (3rd ed.)] running very slow (8 frames per ~3 sec.). Is accum. buffer is so slow? Can I speed it up?

P.S. I’m using Linux, GeForce 2 MX with newest drivers

The Geforce2MX doesnt support the accumulation buffer in hardware, so its emulated in software.

You need at least a Nvidia NV3X or ATI R3XX for that.

But, what nVIDIA video cards support this architecture?

RTFP he said NV3X so that is the Geforce FX cards.

Thanx for help

Most implementation of accumulation buffers in gaming graphics cards drivers are rather slow. I guess its a feature dedicated to professional type graphic cards.

I want GeForce FX 5200. Is it Ok?

The FX series are gaming cards. I don’t know if nvidia’s quattro line supports it in hardware, but ATI’s Fire GL cards do.

Good luck


As I already wrote the NV3X++ and ATI 3XX++ support it.

I just checked it with a FX5900 running the latest Forceware drivers on a W2K box (I am not sure if the Linux drivers support it yet, though).

I would not touch a FX5200 with a ten feet pole, yes they have the features but the card is so fooking slow that you DONT want to use ANY of them.

Try to get a FX5700 or something alike.