Very Simple Question!!!

hi, i can’t play video movie can you show me a simle code to run a movie(play).
what kind of ending the movie needs to be

thank in advanced,

Look here :
This is the most simple way to do that. You can use all avi codecs as far as i know.


Sorry, OpenGL does not have any videosupport.

If you want to display video you need to get a library that supports some kind of video format and use that to display it with.

Do you need to show the video in OpenGL ? if you are running on Windows it might be much easier to run an avi file in a window.

On X you could have a look at libmpeg or something like that (SDL can display mpeg files for example, you have a look at the source code).

I think it would be tricky to show video using OpenGL (it would be pretty slow as you have to send down each frame using the OpenGL pipeline…)

Otherwise you would have to create each frame as a texture but that would put a huge limit on the number of frames you can have).


you are the best i sensirly thank you.

you’re the best!!!
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