VERY OT: IT WORKS, ha ha ha ha ha.

I just wanted to thank all of you who have been soooooo very helpfull to me thus far. I just had my first COMPLEATLY successfull Map render. Everything loaded, executed, and ended very very cleanly. My collision detection is still a bit buggy, but those things will come in time. Thanx for all your help so far, and for all the help yet to come.

Ok, no problem!! It’s only $1000 MwUaHahaH :stuck_out_tongue:

Can i pay you in Enron stock?


>> Can i pay you in Enron stock?

where do i have to sign ??

Or how about World Comm??

Anyways, update on the engine, Collision detection (for the player) is TOTALY up and running, a minor bug, but other than that compleate success, very very fast, very very accurate. This board has been much help. I hope to have a alpha test version of my “engine” (not game im working on) for evaluation soon.

I hope to post a demo soon, for people to take a look at and let me know how it operates on different systems. I will be available for Win, Linux, and Mac (among others). So once again, THANX.

I’ve got some Webvan laying around here.

Or how about Therebucks?