vertex shaders

With the advent of DirectX 8.0 and programmable vertex shaders, I need you guys to clarify one thing for me: is it essentially the same thing as NV_vertex_program extension?

In general, what do you think about DX8 vertex/pixel shaders relative to OpenGL?

It’s very close to NV_vertex_program.
nVidia seem to have been the driving
hardware vendor behind the additions to
DX8 programmable 3D pipeline, so I suppose
that should come as no surprise.


If DX8 has it, then there is a VERY good chance that there are extensions out there that do the same thing. Pixel shaders aren’t supported on any available hardware, but when they are, there will be an extension to expose the same functionality.


DX8 vertex shaders and NV_vertex_program use almost exactly the same language. The only differences are cosmetic.

  • Matt