Vertex Shaders in OGL

I downloaded new Detonator 7.17.
These drivers are not official,
they support VERTEX_PROGRAM_NV extension.
I implemented per-vertex-Mandelbrot
algorithm from nVidia presentation.
But these shaders seems to be software:

1.) Then I store data in RAM, I get
~0.5 M vertex per second

2.) With

wglAllocateMemoryNV((sizeof(mesh 0.0f,0.0f,1.0f);
glVertexArrayRangeNV(sizeof(mesh), Mesh);

I got only 0.2 M VPS.

PS.Plese excuse my poor English…

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What graphics card are you using ?
If you are using something below a GeForce2GTS (and perhaps GeForce2MX), chances are that these cards cannot have HW accelerated shaders. I thought GeForce2 had them but perhaps I am wrong…

The other thing that comes to mind is that these drivers were certainly not meant to be released so soon: they could be software test drivers (i.e. before actually implementing HW acceleration)…

By the way, NV guys, when will there be an NT leak ?



Excuse me, there was a bug (I calculated
VPS not correctly). So I edited my message.
My system is: old GF 256 + Athlon 750

These drivers are totally unsupported and by no means ready for prime time. Whoever leaked them should be shot for supreme idiocy.

On those grounds, if you have a legitimate bug, go ahead and report it, but don’t expect to get much help beyond that. In this case, be happy you got it to work at all…

There are many known bugs in these drivers, enough that we would never think to release drivers like these on the public.

  • Matt