Vertex Rendering

Which is the fastest way to render vertices
in OpenGL??

Instead of using glVertex3f or glVertexPointerEXT, DirectX have optimized vertex buffers of write-only memory.

Is there something similar in OpenGL??

Thanx :slight_smile:

“glVertexPointerEXT”? Sounds like you need up-to-date documentation. Vertex arrays have been part of the core OpenGL spec for a few years now

As for your question, the fastest unextended way is usually to call glDraw(Range)Elements() with GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP. If extensions are okay, you can use GL_NV_vertex_array_range to create vertex arrays in AGP or video RAM.

  • Tom

Technically, if your vertex data is static, you can use Display Lists. How fast these are depends on the implementation, but most give better than vertex array (but not as good as VAR) performance.