vertex reading color how to

Hi opengl people!! thank you fisrt of all for ur interess in my question.
I will try to be more understandable.
I have a cursor that i can move on a window of opengl. That cursor draw a red path along the way he “walk”. My problem is that i want to make impossible for the “player” to move the cursor on a path segment he still “walked”, like it was a wall. Now i m understanding i have to recognize where the wall is. My question is can i read from the colour of the pixel in the window if there is a wall or not. In few words i would like to read the colour of a pixel in the opengl window without save in a array each pixel i have drawn before. I know there is a buffer as the depth buffer from where u can read the information of a pixel with a function (i think glReadPixel but i didnt it before and the tutorials i did read are too difficult for me. If u were so gently to wrote me a little example that were beautifull!!!
I would need something like
colorofxypixel = glreadthecolorofxypixel

but i dont know how to dooooo
i use glut and opengl libraries i did study a little c and c++ but not win32 or such things like mfc and co…
(my target were to program a little wolfied game because in that i have i cannot save my play…)
So thank u all and good programming day!!

(a) This is a beginner question and not appropriate for this forum.

(b) Do a search on the web for glReadPixel and you’ll find all the information you need on how to use it.

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You are asking about this?

The man pages are at

All the functions should be there.