vertex program planet-bump example

I’m somewhat new to vertex programs, I saw one of the examples in the NV EffectsBrowser (3.0) the example of the bump mapped Earth, and thought it would be a good platform for learning (it’s the Earth Sphere w/ Vertex Program (1.0) ), I tried replicating the same thing but the effect only seems to work on one side of the planet (used the same shaders/combiners as the code) and the lighting isnt that good. Wanted to know if someone here has the source code or similar code to that example as i can’t seem to find the source for the new examples anywhere on the NV site.
Also I’m using the glCombinerInputNV / output/ final…etc to do the register combining, how do set up the combiners to load the code seen in the NVEffectBrowser, or am i right in using the glCombiner… commands?

Thanks a lot!

I think the source for that one is here:

You’ll need some of the shared header files etc in the higher directories though. In my opinion you’re better off just downloading NVidia’s OpenGL SDK, which is effectively a packaged version of everything in It won’t be right up-to-date but could well save you some hassle.