Vertex Buffer Objects vs. Display Lists

I have 400x400 sized heightfield terrain that I am rendering in triangle strips countless times during a single rendering pass. the values are unchanging. Anyone have any thoughts as to which of these options will give me a faster end result?

I only ask the question because I at one time (years ago) found that display lists seemed to work the fastest for what I was doing. But it would seem that VBO’s might be a faster solution on modern hardware and drivers. seeing as how vertices are being reused several times in a heigtfield terrain map.

There will probably not be much difference.

VBO is the modern way, use it.

Display list can be easier to setup but it is not meant to last very long :slight_smile:


I’ve always been a big fan of selection and feedback, but I fear their days are numbered too :frowning:

Boy do I feel old :smiley:

NB: I think some form of DL (geometry only) is still on the table for Longs Peak or Mount Evans, not sure which.