Vertex Array Error

Hi guys! :slight_smile:
Let’s see if anyone can help me with this. I am stuck! :frowning:

I am implementing Vertex and Color Arrays for my point sprite particle System. The problem lies in the glDrawArrays call (I discovered after a lot of debugging) and it returns:

“Unhandled exception in ogl_particle_system.exe:
0xC0000005: Access Violation”

However the problem only occurs if the number of particles used is big. For 30000 particles it returns the error (for 3000 particles it works fine).

I would like to fix this so that I can use big number of particles, but I don’t know what’s wrong.

My calls are:

GLsizei i=0;
	while( pParticle )
			m_PVertexArray[i].r=pParticle->m_vColor.x; //Red
			m_PVertexArray[i].g=pParticle->m_vColor.y; //Green
			m_PVertexArray[i].b=pParticle->m_vColor.z; //Blue
			m_PVertexArray[i].a=pParticle->m_Alpha;   //Alpha

			m_PVertexArray[i].z=pParticle->m_vCurPos.z ;

			pParticle = pParticle->m_pNext;

	// enable and specify pointers to vertex arrays

	glVertexPointer(	3,   //3 components per vertex (x,y,z)
	glColorPointer(		4,   //4 components per vertex (r,g,b,a)
						&m_PVertexArray[0].r);  //Pointer to the first color

	  [b]  glDrawArrays(GL_POINTS, 0 //Starting at 0
							, i+1); //Rendering i+1 points [/b]

	glDisableClientState(GL_VERTEX_ARRAY);  // disable vertex arrays

My point vertex structure is:

  struct PointVertex
	GLfloat x,y,z;
	GLfloat r,g,b,a;

My Point/Vertex Array is correctly defined at the init of the program:

	m_PVertexArray = new PointVertex[m_dwMaxParticles];  

Where m_dwMaxParticles is the specified maximum. In the example above is 50000.

What’s going on!? Does glDrawArrays have a maximum limit for the size of the Count parameter!!! :confused:

Thanks so much in advance!!!


There is only a theoretical limit for glDrawArray on 32bit systems, it’s the range of GLuint 2^32-1 which makes your system memory run out before you reach that.

There is one bug and a some unsafe things in your code:
1.) After your while loop “i” is already the count of vertices, glDrawArrays with i+1 is wrong. When you have specified m_dwMaxParticles that might crash the way you’ve seen.
2.) The while loop should be while( pParticle && i < m_dwMaxParticles) to avoid crashes in case you have more particles than the array can hold.
3.) If the structure is x,y,z,r,g,b,a I would initialize it in that order for optimial cache performance.
4.) glVertexPointer address should be written safer the way you did it for colors: glVertexPointer(3, GL_FLOAT, sizeof(PointVertex), &m_PVertexArray[0].x);
5.) Check if you really need to toggle the vertex array enable state all the time. Most of the times you will need the vertex array anyway if there is more drawing going on with arrays.
Also verify that no other array is enabled.

If that doesn’t help you might have found a driver bug. Check which OpenGL implementation you use with glGetString(). If it’s not Microsoft try updating your graphics driver.

Oh no… :frowning:
I fixed all the errors you found… but still nothing. Same error persists.

Ok this is weird. I catched the maximum permitted value I can use before it crashes. It works well with 16623. With that number +1, it crashes!
The crash occurs on the same line glDrawArrays.

I am using NVidea 's GeForce XFX5500 2.01 Driver… (Just updated last week).

This is weird…
Any genius out there that can crack this puzzle?!

Thanks everyone!

In all honesty, I think you should give up programming.
If you’re not going to give up, go to the beginners forum.

Originally posted by knackered:
In all honesty, I think you should give up programming.
If you’re not going to give up, go to the beginners forum.

Ok, maybe I thought that this was an advanced question and turned not being advanced, but why so much flaming is necessary?!

Man, for me programming is a hobby and I am no proffesional (like you mentioned you are), but how the heck should I know with certainty if my question belongs to the Begginers or Advanced forum!? There are no parameters to determine that. When I think that the topic I am asking is not Begginers then I post it in the Advanced. I can also be mistaken. And I don’t mind if someone answers me “Hey, you know, that question should go to the Begginers’ forum since it’s actually not advanced.”. That’s ok, I don’t mind reciving that answer, and I would reply just fine: “Sorry, I didn’t know, I will make sure I don’t ask questions of that topic on the advanced forum”.

However I don’t think that your agressive reply is appropiate to this forum.

Please don’t answer back. I don’t want this to be a flaming post. Thanks.

It is not advised to put more elements than that limitation.

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jide, I keep meaning to ask. It says you registered in this forum in July 2001, yet you continually ask quite basic questions about OpenGL - why is this? Is it like Memento, where you started off knowing everything but as time passes you’ve forgotten more and more?
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Originally posted by knackered:
… really don’t take me so seriously.
… humour is my motive, not malice.

Why are there so many people around who think they can excuse their arrogant behavior and offending talk by feinting humor?
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