Vector and Font problem!

I posted this on the begginer’s forum before, but no one could find a solution for this, so here it is:

Hi everyone!
I am using an std::vector to make a dynamic array of my fonts and be able to search by name. For example, i have this function called int Fonts(LPCTSTR name) which searches in the vector and returns the current index. Anyway, this works excellent after a lot of tries. But my problem is more complicated. Lets say, I create a font:
and I render it using RenderFont(“font1”,Vec2(10,10),“Hello from font1!!”);

In my render routine, I have wglUseFontBitmaps(hdc, 32,96,font[h].base) (h is the return integer from Fonts(name))
and SelectObject(hdc, font[h].hf);

then I render the font based on Nehe’s example on bitmap fonts. The problem comes when I have 2 or more fonts. Then, the fonts seems to switch attributes, for example the first font becomes the second font, etc. Uhh, it is hard to explain, but I hope you can help me here.

I posted this on the begginer’s forum before, but no one could find a solution for this, so here it is:

That’s because you havn’t given everybody enough time to think about it or come to the board to read your question. Try waiting a little longer than 3 hours for an answer. Sometimes it takes a day or so before people can get around to helping. We all don’t hover over this board 24/7 just waiting for people to post questions.

How about showing a little more code, maybe showing exactly how you construct the vector objects.


EDIT: See my response in the beginners’ forum.

This question should be in the beginners’ forum. Here’s a tip for future reference: if your post hasn’t been replied to in 24 hours, post a reply (in the same thread) that gives more information about your problem. Usually, the reason questions don’t get answered around here is that no one has any idea what the poster is talking about. This also brings it back to the top of the page. Do not simply post the same question in the advanced forum unless you decide that it really involves an advanced technique. wglUseFontBitmaps is not advanced.

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Ok, thanks for the advice, im new here.