hi, i am new at opengl. I cut and paste the code from the nehe site (tutorial 1) into VC. when i compiled, i got the following errors - can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong or how to use VC correctly if i am using it wrong?

Ahh, these errors… I also had them when I was beginning but I already forgot how to solve them.

Make sure you have a win32 application and not a console. And also are you linking the opengl libraries ( ie. opengl32.lib, glaux.lib )

And also glu32.lib
to link them there are 2 methods
method one

VC-> project-> settings-> link tab-> object/library modules: enter OpenGL32.lib GLu32.lib GLaux.lib

method two

type the following at the begining of your file (cpp, c, h, whichever)

#pragma comment ( lib, “OpenGL32.lib” )
#pragma comment ( lib, “GLu32.lib” )
#pragma comment ( lib, “GLaux.lib” )

hope it helps