VC++6 don´t execute my code

I´m having this problem, my Glut code is compiling without any errors, but it doesn´t execute. I´m using Win2000 with VC++6 and glut ver. 3.6. Anybody have a clue, what could be happening ???

thank you for your help

Are you linking your code to the glut32.lib library? If not go under "Project->Settings->Link Tab and type in glut32.lib before kernal32.lib.

It should fix your problem. If that’s not it, I don’t know what your hangup is.

Ace_Man, I think if Gustavo had forgotten to link to the libraries, he would have link errors (well, OK, it is not compile errors but I believe Gustavo meant the build is fine !)

Gustavo, what do you mean by “it does not execute my program” ???

Do you have an error message (like “can not fin xxxxx.dll”) ? Or do you simply see a black window ?



I linked the libs in the preferences, and the dll files I put them on the system folder as I read in the tutorial, the only problem is that after I built the code, I try to execute it, but it doesn´t happen anything. Doesn´t open the GL window.

Thank you again. I hope someone could help me.


Can you e-mail me your code ?
I suppose there is something wrong with your initializations…



did you remember to call glutMainLoop?

Hi everyone, I managed to deal with this problem, it was strange but i had done this : instead of creating a new project (win 32 app), link the libs, and then create the window to type the code, I created just the input window with no projects set , then I wrote the code, when I was about to compiled I set a project, linked the libs, then my code work. I´´m not sure why this happened, but now it works. If someone now why, please tell my, I still think , I was doing something wrong in the setup.

Thank you again.


this is because by default the project is set as a console application which glut requires… next time make your project a console application