VBOs on multiple displays (windows)

I’m doing research /w 3x GeForce 9800 GTX cards running 6 screens, using wglShareLists, in windows xp.

I am attempting to render objects using VBOs with multiple displays using wglShareLists. The program runs fine once after boot, then every run after that renders a corrupt VBO (random geometry). This only happens with multiple screens (one screen works fine repeatedly), and only after the first run (this first run after boot works). This suggests i’m not clearing/deleting opengl state properly, so i went through and made sure i released all VBOs, FBOs, textures, cg contexts and opengl contexts. Still see the problem. I can only run the program once, then i have to reboot.

I’ve spent days on this problem.
Any help or pointers appreciated.


PS. I would attach code, but this is a big project.

What is your “multiscreen” mode ? Does it work better with horizontal span ?
And what is your the acceleration setting (in nvidia control panel) for multi display ?

Try to setup multi view mode then adjust HW acceleration settings in driver control panel to Multi display performance mode.
Now… create one huge window across all 6 monitors and try to create just one contex. It should work…