VBOs, finally...

But I can’t seem to get them to work today :frowning:
10.3.4 supports VBOs and by checking the extension string it seems to be in place.
The compiler doesn’t recognize the glGenBuffers, glBindBuffer etc functions so I got the feeling that the headers are a little out of sync. Or am I just missing something due the extreme excitement I got over this long dreamt of support? :slight_smile:

Huh… Did you try glGenBuffersARB, glBindBufferARB?


I got the answer from the mac opengl dev list. The headers are not updated so one have to expose the functionality manually.
I’ll be back with how to do that if not OneSadCookie does it before I have tried it :slight_smile:

And yes, the functions names are of course gl*ARB I just was a little sloppy when I wrote my post… thanks anyway

Tried out glew instead of messing with the dirty little details myself. Works like a charm. Kudos to OneSadCookie on the mac opengl mailing list for the suggestion.

In my limited test program that just pushed some simple triangles I get 30Mtris/s on my pb1.25/radeon9600
this is the same as if I use VARs. Nice. btw, that is lit but not textured triangles in one big strip… so it’s not exactly real-world but it gives a nice indication. Can anyone tell me if this is a reasonable figure?

I don’t know if that figure is “correct” (or even what it would mean for it to be “correct”) but I can confirm that in the little test I did, I got exactly the same speeds with ARB_vbo and STATIC_DRAW_ARB as I did with APPLE_var and STORAGE_CACHED_APPLE.

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