VBO corruption

(both pictures have errors, the second pic shows the two unrelated VBOS are linked)
has anyone seen anything like this before (im sure we all have)

but what makes this strange is, it works perfect for ~50x(guess) + then is corrupted for ~50x.
also each person is a seperate VBO

ta zed

I have seen similar stuff - with, just to put icing on the cake, two consecutive cards. In both instances it was due to RAM on the cards failing just a little.

If you can accept the performance penalty, try running the same code with Mesa3D in software mode. If that also fails, it’s more likely a bug in your code. If it works… it’s time to dig deeper (where bad RAM is but one of many possible sources).


ram failing a little?
ive rebooted the computer 6/7x since the initial problem, + it seems to happen always for the first few test runs of the app, + then its like the card ‘wakes up’ + starts to work

i will test it ith mesa though (been a while since ive run that so im curious)

Maybe your VRAM needs a bit of pre-heating :smiley: