VBO and calculated colours


I have a huge array of 3D triangles which I am struggling to find memory for. Now I learn that I need to have an array an array for each calculated colour for each triangle, now I am definitely going to run out of memory. Using Lists I was at least able to calculate each colour for a triangle. Speed was an issue using lists and I hope using vbo’s will increase that.

Any help gratefully appreciated

How many 1) triangles, 2) distinct vertices, and 3) colors? Are your colors per-triangle or per-vertex?

And why do you say you’re struggling to find memory for it all? (GPU or CPU memory? How many total bytes are you using now? How much CPU/GPU memory do you have? etc.)

Thanks, I have 16GB of CPU and 8GB GPU. Its not enough as I have a huge data at least 1 TB. I will have to process sections of it at a time. The 3D delaunay triangles coordinates are stored in a structure consisting the 3D coordinates for each vertex, and database information, such as centre of triangle.

I am struggling to find sample

We clearly need some more information here to even guess what you want/need.

Is it limited to 2d space? Like where you could just work like a applications for maps? Segmenting the data and stream it on demand? Maybe cache it by rendering to textures, so you only have to access the bigger data sets once to generate a image that you then use for real time rendering. Same goes for stuff where you zoom in to get more details, can be rendered on demand once to a texture and then only reuse that texture for real time rendering.

Is this only for viewing a static or dynamic data set?

Right. There is no other solution. Even with reducing the types you’ll use.

And as other said, we have too few information. What are you planning to do with this ? Rendering ? Computations ? Do you need to render all of them in a same frame ? If it’s only a part of it, how much ? And so on…