VB6.0 + OpenGL

Hi all,
I am a VB6 user and no experience in OpenGl.

  1. Can anyone shows me the best reference , book or website for me?
  2. I am trying to do some traffic simulation, is there any related source codes already?



you might want to take a look at the “OpenGL Reference Manual” and “OpenGL Programming Guide” - both available online on this site.

and finally for some programming tutorials - check http://nehe.gamedev.net/

i think the examples should also be available for vb.

Thanks for the reply,
Do you know if OpenGL can validate the distance or the speed for a Driving Simulator?

Driving? Speed? Validate?
No. OpenGL doesn’t do that. It wasn’t designed to – it’s not a physics engine.

You, the programmer, are tasked with keeping track of everything. All you can ask OpenGL to do is to draw polygons/textures on the screen as fast as it can. For the same reasons, it has no functions/methods to load image data into memory, nor can it open a window.

Hope that helps.